Description of the Maas Ranking System.


Already more than forty years ago I felt a need for a Ranking System that could do better than just counting the number of wins and losses. In my opinion a more sophisticated Ranking System was needed, especially for unbalanced competitions, where due to draws and/or a knock-out systems not all participating teams play each other and where not all participating teams even play the same number of matches.

I did develop a Ranking System that took the strength of a team's opponents into account and that appeared to have a number of properties in common with the well-known ELO-Rating System.

In 1971 for the first time a computer based Ranking Table derived from Maas' Ranking System was published in a Dutch Magazine (Goal) for European Champions Club Competitions. Due to lack of computer facilities and problems in finding correct match data I did not further maintain this Ranking System.

Since the availability of powerful Personal Computers and Computer Languages and the accessibility to all information about Ranking Systems via the Internet I became more interested again, especially after reading about College Football related Ranking Systems.

Details about mathematical, technical and computational issues are presented in a separate PDF file that can be accessed

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The Maas Ranking System is included in the College Football Ranking Comparisons by Kenneth Massey.