Ranking Tables for USA College Football.

by Martien Maas


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College Football Ranking Tables.

Calculation of all RATINGS is performed according to the method presented in the following document: An Unbiased Ranking System.

In order to create one Overall Ranking Table all games of NCAA and NAIA teams are taken into account with the exclusion of the following Conferences (where few or none games are played outside their own Conference):

For those Conferences separate Ranking Tables are published.

For a Ranking Table of a specific Division, the Original Ratings are extracted from the Overall Ranking Table (All Divsions); there after the so-called Transformed Ratings are calculated within each Division separately.
So a Team's so-called Transformed Rating in the Overall Ranking Table generally differs from the Transformed Rating value within his own Division Ranking Table.

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Martien W. Maas, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 2014.


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I am grateful to Kenneth Massey, David Wilson and Peter Wolfe. The content of their Websites and at some occasions their personal advices have helped me very much while creating my College Football Ranking Tables.